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Buddha Enlightened Sauce

Buddha Enlightened Sauce

SKU: 364215376135191

Awaken your Buddha nature with the complex yet clean taste of this Asian inspired wonder sauce. Super-oils suspend the blended flavors of fresh ginger, garlic, sesame and tamari until you unleash it a myriad of ways. Try it as a robust dressing on raw veggies or salads, for stirring stir-frys or marinate and as a finishing touch on any dish. dab it on your forehead to reduce migraines and smooth out wrinkles (just kidding).Super-healthy and delicious. Arouse your cuisine with our Buddha enlightened sauce.


FDA regulations do not allow us to mention a fundamental element in our list of ingredients, though it is indisputably present in every drop - it is the additive of LOVE. Wholly natural. Wholly organic.

This product will be delicious for 3 months in your fridge.

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