This 24/7 Farmers Market Is Now at Your Fingertips

Featuring Hard to Find, Fresh Vegan Products That are Labors of Love

My family and I would stroll through our vibrant local farmers markets all day every day if we could––and guess what, now we all can! Eat Like Buddhas is an online farmers market where the latest gems you’d find at the most cutting edge farmers market in town are unearthed and available at your fingertips. Simply come to for a thoughtfully curated selection of the best vegan products, 24/7. No need to wake up early, find parking, or have cash on hand, because Eat Like Buddhas ships all your fresh picks straight to your doorstep.

Farmers markets are havens for sourcing vegan foods you can’t find anywhere else. Eat Like Buddhas brings these foods to one convenient shop where you can find products that are labors of love developed by people with visions of the greater good––products made only with the finest, healthiest ingredients. Buddha Sauce and Nomad Eats Cheeze Sauces are two of the top selections of must-have vegan products now available to add to your vegan pantry, with a few simple clicks.

Buddha Enlightened Sauce and Buddha Grounded Sauce are “Asian-inspired wonder sauces” that elevate your meal from good to amazing. The blended flavors of fresh ginger, garlic, sesame and tamari transform veggies, salads, stir-frys and more into unforgettable dishes you’ll want to devour daily. Buddha Grounded Sauce features four types of wild mushrooms to add even more veggie goodness to your diet. Buddha Sauce creator Jai loves farmers markets because he can connect with the community and unite health conscious consumers. Buddha Sauce was born when Jai sold delicious, nutritious and utterly wholesome bowls of grains and raw vegetables which boasted his mind-blowingly good salad dressing. His customers loved it so much that they wanted to buy the sauce themselves. It was a case of putting the genie in the bottle so everyone’s wishes could come true.

In the case of the creators of Nomad Eats, playing with their food was a good thing! The dynamic duo behind the wildly popular Mac n Cheeze and Nacho Cheeze sauces mindfully created these whole food, plant-based products as a result of their shared love of tinkering with new flavors and recipes. Referred to as “liquid gold,” these Cheeze sauces are delectable on nachos, burgers, steamed veggies and pasta and simply on any dish where you’d add cheese.

So many vegan brands got their start at farmers markets. For instance, the wildly popular vegan Bitchin’ Sauce you can now find in supermarkets and on Costco shelves got its humble start as mere samples at the farmers market because its creator, Starr, was on a mission to create a delicious vegan product she could enjoy and share with others. She created Bitchin’ Sauce when she was just 16 years-old!

Additionally, Rickaroons delicious, 100% vegan coconut energy bars have since shot to fame from their modest beginning at the La Jolla farmers market. This family-run business was developed by creator Rick, to comfort and support the woman he loved as she battled Multiple Sclerosis. Amazing flavors of Rickaroons, the “all-of-the-above-cookie,” that’s the perfect hybrid of a not-so-guilty pleasure and an energizing snack, range from “chocolate blonde” to “mint to be.”

SUJA Juice started with a skateboard and a dream. Now the brand is nationally available in grocery stores, Target and Costco. SUJA founders developed organic, cold-pressed juices so people could live a healthier lifestyle, conveniently. They wanted to “help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition.” Their juices used to be delivered to customers via skateboard in San Diego in the very beginning, and they’ve come such a long way since.

The common theme behind all of these products is passion and a great deal of heart. These brands all started small until word got out on how fabulous they were. Eat Like Buddhas is your treasure chest for finding vegan gems in one place, with affordable shipping (even free for orders over $50). Go dig in!

––Beth Shea

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